The First Week

The first week of the digital study of Graphic Design provided by Noroff is soon nearing its end. And what a week it’s been! Learning how to utilize the learning platform and where everything is located has been quite a bumpy ride, and trying to find what to hand in, how, and where took its sweet time.

However, as I’m getting more acquainted with both the learning platforms and the tasks at hand I’m starting to have more fun with it! I started sketching a Moodle illustration as well as a self portrait using pen, paper and an IPad. I think the project I had most fun with must be the self portrait. That might make me sound narcissistic, but it was rather the fact that there were no guidelines (except that it should not be a photograph) and I could basically do whatever I wanted. As you can see in the introduction as well as on the home page, I have posted the self portrait I was most pleased with. Although I did enjoy sketching a second version with a more “sketchy feel”.

I’m very much interested in crime films and series, not to mention true crime. (Don’t worry, I don’t take inspiration them in real life hah….) as well as being horribly grumpy in the morning at times. The second self portrait reflects these two aspects but with a humorous twist; a pun if you will.


I sincerely look forward to learning about typography, composition and colour usage to improve my drawings and designs. And most of all I look forward to making use of my creativity!

PS: The aforementioned projects can be found in other posts. 🙂


Aslaug Birkeland

Publisert av Alice Birkeland

Hi! I'm a Graphic Design student at Noroff, in addition to studying Japanese language and culture at UiO. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my projects or if you share some of these fields of interest ~

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