Lesson Task – Book Cover

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell: use analogous colours with a contrasting accent to express disagreement and discontent.

I Love this book so much, ever since I read it in upper secondary school. I really wanted to do good on this one, but I realized that I would have to keep it simple to meet the deadline. I wanted the bookcover to have red as the main color, as I feel like it embodies the content of the book, as it is an allegory for Stalin’s Soviet Russia. I took the uniform of Stalin, and a pig vector and united them. I feel like the yellow/Orange creates a nice contrast (brightness-wise) and yellow at least could be considered to be an unsettling color sometimes bringing forth connotations like sickness. On this note, I could have made it more yellow. Whether or not this answered the task is debatable, the contrast color to red is green, but no matter what hue of green I used the results were horrible, and it did not go well with the content of the book.

After creating the scamps; of which I liked the one that resembles a gas mask the best,but I realized it might not fit the content too well, I went with a different design although still concentrated around the centre. I came up with this after seeing available vectors and playing around with them rather than making something completely new in Illustrator.


As you might notice I did not initially work in CMYK colors, so when i exported it the colors and the quality became cold and with lower resolution, respectively. This I would have been forced to alter if it was an actual book cover.

Overall I’m not super pleased with it, but I got to play around with color, type and texture which was indeed valuable. I am also not happy with the font, but I would alter this if I were to include it in the portfolio.


Aslaug Birkeland


Pig: https://www.pinclipart.com/downpngs/iRmiwbb_pig-chinese-new-year-pig-t-shirt-clipart/

Stalin: https://www.pngwing.com/en/free-png-zvseb

Farmhouse: https://pngtree.com/freepng/farm-house-nature-farmland-hand-drawn-elements_4869534.html

Publisert av Alice Birkeland

Hi! I'm a Graphic Design student at Noroff, in addition to studying Japanese language and culture at UiO. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my projects or if you share some of these fields of interest ~

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