Lesson Task – Researching Megaflis

We were given the task: Visit a popular store, like an Apple reseller, Nike, Levi’s, H&M or Ikea. The brand should be well-known and you must visit a shop where their products are being displayed or distributed.

  • What brand identity element are they using in their logo (e.g. abstract mark or word mark)?
  • What do you think their brand ideal is?
  • How do they remain true to their brand ideal within their shops?
  • Evaluate the customer experience according to the brand ideal. (For example, if the brand ideal is “innovation”, do you get a sense of that ideal when you visit the outlet?)

Initial thoughts:

Due to the Corona incidents rising in the city (Oslo) I found this task rather odd, as you should limit the amounts of places that you go and the people you see and especially avoid crowded places as stores and shopping malls as much possible. Due to this the store I chose do research on had to be a store which I actually needed to visit. In this case it was Megaflis since we are doing very much needed bathroom renovations. Megaflis is also rather well known, at least in Norway, so I reckon it fits the bill just fine, especially since Ikea was an alternative.

Brand Ideal/Brand Identity

I feel like identity and ideal go a bit hand in hand as one is more or less based on the other. Brand identity is the exterior of the brand, such as logo, color and typography, whereas brand ideal is more of its promise to the customer. The sort of values it wants to convey, very much through the help of its identity.

Now, as for Megaflis, I wrote some bulletpoints related to what Megaflis might want to convey, and how they achieve this. More about this can also be found below.

Megaflis is/has:

  • A vast selection – this association comes from the «Mega» in «Megaflis», and also from information on the website.
  • The easy choice – Fits with a simple recognizable logo directly associated with tiles, and with strong and bold colors that makes it easier to remember.
  • Content customers, Always. «alltid fornøyde kunder» (From their own website)


  • Audience: Adults and families that are looking to do renovations or need certain bathroom-related items.
  • Market and competitors: Bathrooms are an expensive affair, affordable is always nice, as long as the quality is at least OK. Now, Right Price Tiles are very memorable as price is mentioned in the Brand name, and gives the idea that it is cheap above all. But Megaflis gives the impression that it is the variety first, the ok quality second and perhaps the fair prices that are their strongest attributes. This combination is rather unique, as most other stores either cater to the lower prices preference and/or the high-end/chic preference but not necessarily the size of the selection.

Brand Identity:

Website Layout:

  • As you might notice in the screenshot of the website below, the main color is blue and highlights, headers and the logo itself are yellow.

On their website they also boast that they have over 10 000 products, so apparantly the ideal is «go big or go home». You at least get the idea that it’s not too expensive, the solutions displayed online and (as you will see further down) in the store are modern and pretty, and that they have a BIG selection.


Usually A logo would not necessarily have a colored background but in Megaflis’ case it makes it rather recognizable, as seen on the list of shops in the building

Furthermore, the leftmost part of the logo is made up of tiles in the shape of a pyramid (also speaking to the connotation to size), but there are also more discreet lines going out from the pyramid. I do not know whether or not this is supposed to be measurement, or if it’s more of a unfinished picture – that more tiles are to be put in place (speaking more to the renovation part). Either way it’s big, in your face, and recognizable, so from my perspective it really does its job. To answer the task: it’s a combination of abstract and word marks.


So does the brand identity and brand ideal shine through once you enter the store?

Don’t worry if you think I’m too close to the guy in front, he’s from my household

As expected, you get this warehouse feeling upon entering the store, and to be honest, it is rather messy in the parts with tools and other equipment. Yet as you can see below, the display of bathroom interior is rather nice. This mixture of messy warehouse and neat interior and decor shop is not necessarily what the logo, website or the assumed brand ideal entails.

Apart from being super stylish and me absolutely adoring hexagon tiles, you can see that the price is highlighted and is fairly big, but not to big as to let the design, color and composition speak for itself. It is smart, simple and not too tacky. There were quite many bathroom solutions displayed like this giving the customer the opportunity to not only visualize but to actually see different solutions.

As promised the store has tiles! Who would have guessed. And fairly nice ones at that. Just like the bathroom solutions the tiles are also neatly displayed in row after row, delivering on the promise of a vast variety. Although the room is beyond spacious, it is filled to the brim with shelves and bathroom solution examples and tiles. A rather overwhelming experience and not generally to my liking. However, it does keep its promise of a vast variety, and consequently you will most likely always find what you need for your bathroom there.


Screenshot: https://megaflis.no/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItKm97vr16wIVQumyCh24mgxjEAAYASAAEgIE9_D_BwE

Everything except the screenshot are pictures taken by me for research purposes.

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