Lesson Task – An introduction to design for screen

Part 1

Explain web-related terms:

The internet

The internet is essentially the medium for distributing and sending information back and forth. Every server have designated IP addresses from which the information is shipped. Our devices can access the servers and webpages as clients through internet service providers (ISPs). When accessing a domain a request from the browser is put forth to the specific IP address and further to a data center. The Optical Fiber Cables connected to the router digitally receives this requested information and the Ethernet Cable translates it to electrical signals or cell towers sends out the information through electromagnetic waves.


Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is one of the languages used when signalling what will be shown on a page, or how it will be read aloud if a disability is involved. It can be used for creating navigation paths / hyperlinks to other pages or sites, parts of pages. Moreover, it conveys the different parts of the page and its content, paragraphs, graphics, headers, additional information and so on. In general it makes up the backbone of the page whereas CSS and JavaScript can be used to convey the detailed looks of the elements and add special functionality, respectively.


A browser is a tool by which you can access web pages/ domains and their information through their IP address, like WordPress for instance. There are many types of browsers; Chrome, Oprah, Firefox and Internet Explorer to name a few.

Search Engine

Search engines are domains that operate with using keywords to narrow down the information that can be accessed and displays it in lists of other hyperlinks either sorted by relevance, time stamp and so forth.

20 questions to the briefing questions

  1. What target group are you expecting on your website? *
  2. How are you different from the competitors? *
  3. What actions do you want visitors to take on the site?
  4. What is your deadline for completing the site? *
  5. What features should the website include? *
  6. Please list the names of three sites that you like and explain what you like about them.
  7. What should be the look and feel for the website?
  8. Who will be the contact person for this project/website. *
  9. What do you NOT want on your site?
  10. Who will be responsible for maintenance?*
  11. Describe your business in a few sentences.
  12. What is the client’s previous experience with the former company website (if relevant)?
  13. Why do you want a website?
  14. What main keywords would you like to use to make it easier for people to find your website via search engines. *
  15. What features are NECESSARY? *
  16. What features are NICE to have? *
  17. How much traffic is expected?
  18. In what industry is your company?
  19. What is the main problem we need to solve? *
  20. What would happen if you did not get to make this website?

Top questions marked with a star.

Part 2

10 sites I consider to be great websites:

  1. https://kuon.space/ – Now this is in a different league, although it might be a bit slow to load due to all the functions, it looks absolutely fantastic.
  2. www.svz.io – It has lovely effects and has sufficient spacing. It’s interesting from top to bottom.
  3. www.loftgarten.com – it’s chic, clean and fits the brand identity perfectly.
  4. www.wannabe.toys – It’s certainly interesting, when you try to rotate the screen the page does not compromise, it simply tells you to flip the device back.
  5. www.the-goodies.webflow.io – I like how you zoom into the background as you scroll down, this is quite innovative compared to the usual literal scrolling downward on the page both visually and physically.
  6. www.monographcomms.ca – it relies heavily on typography, but is fairly easy on the eye despite not implementing any pictures.
  7. www.restaurantkoed.no – appears modern and fresh, well adjusted for mobile or tablet screens. Minimalistic but not too basic.
  8. www.niermodding.com – my brother made this so I’m a bit biased I’m afraid 🙂 Style choice is based on the menu layout of the game in question.
  9. www.karinslaughter.com – although I wouldn’t call it great it is fairly decent, looks clean, almost stylish.
  10. www.junkyard.no – it’s good but nothing out of the ordinary.

10 sites I consider to be bad websites:

  1. www.craigslist.org – They say less is more and simplicity is key, but craigslist has taken this concept to a whole new level, and not a good one. It manages to at the same time be quite crowded and the colour scheme in combination with the font is severely outdated.
  2. art.yale.edu – This is a train wreck from start to finish, starting with the text background in yellow, green, white and grey (one too many) mixing between gradient and no gradient.
  3. www.ups.com – simply too basic, although better than the two above.
  4. www.roverp6cars.com – Menu text is not readable, it’s dated, immature, and too crowded.
  5. www.Pizzahus.no – seems unfinished.
  6. www.izakaya.no – same comment here, only covers basic functions and few to no design elements.
  7. www.thebiguglywebsite.com – it is simply horrible, and truly fulfilled it’s purpose
  8. www.torontocupcake.com – not the worst one, but like izakaya, way too simple.
  9. The Noroff Moodle platform, which requires access.
  10. www.lingscars.com – although it is messy and technically bad, I kinda like it. It seems to have a healthy dose of irony, and it could honestly be much worse. Maybe I’m weird but I don’t really mind it.



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