Lesson Task – Providing Your Own Hosting Service

This lesson Task is to acquire your own hosting service. This hosting service will be needed throughout the rest of your studies, and this Learning Activity is therefore mandatory. You are free to choose any hosting service in the world. If you find it difficult to find one, we recommend one.com. Based on prices and myFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Providing Your Own Hosting Service»

Lesson Task – An introduction to design for screen

Part 1 Explain web-related terms: The internet The internet is essentially the medium for distributing and sending information back and forth. Every server have designated IP addresses from which the information is shipped. Our devices can access the servers and webpages as clients through internet service providers (ISPs). When accessing a domain a request fromFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – An introduction to design for screen»

Lesson Task – Printing

Design your own printing checklist form. As you might see, the gradient on the background is not rendered optimally, as it did in indesign, but for the purpose of this task it is not really significant. What is important, however, is to keep these points in mind when exporting your documents for print, and organizingFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Printing»

Lesson Task – Layout

Figure/Ground Although we’ve worked on this before in our CA00 we are revisiting this term now more closely related to composition rather than the principles in themselves. The task was to play around with black shapes on a white square paper and observe at which point the distinction between figure and ground becomes blurred. TheFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Layout»

Lesson Task – Travel Agency Brochure

The task: The size of the brochure should be A5 (when it is folded). Design the brochure in full colour. Use fake body copy, but create sensible headings. Use titles, headings and images of your choice. Kind of ironic having to make a Travel Agency Brochure these days x) To start, I imagined a brochureFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Travel Agency Brochure»

Lesson task – Photography History and Functions

Throughout this lesson you’ve learnt about the various techniques used and inventors that contributed to the art form that is Photography. Choose only one, do some additional research and in your own words write a report on why you think the chosen technique contributed to what we are able to do today through photography. ExplainFortsett å lese «Lesson task – Photography History and Functions»

Lesson Task – Moodboard

A mood board is a collage of images, text and colours to capture the feel and direction of a brand identity. Mood boards are essential when brainstorming a brand identity. If you’re in the process of working out a brand identity, a mood board will help bring things like company attributes, vision, identity and theFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Moodboard»

Lesson Task – Consumer profile

Task: Create two consumer profiles for a fictional client.You are free to choose the client and the product. List the things that you think are important to include in a consumer profile and show your research. Depending on the client’s wishes and the product at hand, one needs to adapt the profile to include theFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Consumer profile»

Lesson Task – Understanding Positioning

1. Look at the following logos and explain in your own words what you consider their positioning to be (do this for each one). Instagram The assumed target group are adolescents and adults ranging from somewhere between 20 and 35, both men and women based on the neutral shape and color usage in the Logo.Fortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Understanding Positioning»

Lesson Task – Researching Megaflis

We were given the task: Visit a popular store, like an Apple reseller, Nike, Levi’s, H&M or Ikea. The brand should be well-known and you must visit a shop where their products are being displayed or distributed. What brand identity element are they using in their logo (e.g. abstract mark or word mark)? What doFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Researching Megaflis»